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The Story of Namastae....

In 1994, I had the opportunity to go to Egypt and the Holy Land at a time when news of kidnapping and shooting of tourists permeated the news. Needless to say, this paralyzed my enthusiasm to travel.

My friend, Pethia, who was arranging the trip for our church group, tried her best to talk me rolex replica into going but I was very reluctant. She finally said ? andice, you disturbing my peace --where is your faith? She was right! So, I made out my will and I went.

At that time, TV footage of O.J. Simpson, former football hero and celebrity, fleeing from police in his now famous white Bronco, heading south to the Mexican border, played over and over again. His ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, had just been brutally murdered and he was the number one suspect. The ordeal made worldwide coverage so there was no escaping it even when we landed in Cairo.

On our tour, we were a very diversified group representing all races and faiths from around the country and replica watches we were cautious and respectful to hold back our assumptions and judgments of his guilt or innocence. However, you could feel the underlying tension in the air.

On our first day, we were cruising up the Nile River, the breeze baked by the sun to over 100 degrees did not diminish our enthusiasm as the view from the ship was breathtaking. It was like time stood still along the fertile banks. People were living as they did thousands of years ago; still riding donkeys, pulling water from the Nile to irrigate their crops while elegant, white cranes gracefully swooped and glided over the waters.

As the day progressed, I moved to the starboard side of the top deck all the better to take in the panoramic view. The boat slowed as we headed into Aswan.  The heat of the day was now cooled by a gentle breeze while the soon to be setting sun lit up a beautiful amber sky.

Off in the distance, I began to hear an unfamiliar yet alluring sound. The sound grew louder and louder as we began to dock and by now, I was totally mesmerized by it. Like Pied Piper had beckoned, I was drawn to the other side of the boat. As the sound continued, I found myself against the railing in between two female African-American Muslims from our tour group dressed in their colorful, traditional garments. We couldn have been more different. We were drawn together by this ancient sound, which later I learned was the all to Prayer? It wasn important whether I understood the words ?it was only important that I was present.

I looked to my right and met the eyes of one of the women who, at that precise moment, was looking back at me. It seemed as if a beam of light and wonderment connected us. I then turned to my left and met the eyes of the other who was also looking at me in a similar fashion. The three of us, together, were experiencing the same moment. We were standing on the edge of magic, our souls connected by sound, light and unconditional love. It was instantly clear to me that there was no separation between us and regardless of what evidence is displayed throughout the world, the truth is -- we are all one!

There is a saying, of myself, can do nothing. It the Father within that doeth the work? I believe that this higher power used uk replica watches me as a conduit to pay tribute to this sacred moment by writing a song entitled amastae? which means he God in me sees the God in you.?nbsp; May it message bless and inspire you!


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